Pol Ponsarnau

Colour / 19’ / 2021 / Fiction / Spanish, Catalan

Tara lives a life of monotony. She works on her father’s fisher boat and spends her afternoons smoking pot with her friends, listening to Trap music and yearning for something to change her life. Then one day on the open sea, the crew of her father’s boat stumbles across a large delivery of cocaine. But before they can agree on how to deal with the dangerous discovery, the parcel disappears. 

CAST: Katrin Vankova, Uri Llobet, Karim Ait M'hand, Miriel Cejas, Pol Fernández

DIRECTION: Pol Ponsarnau

SCRIPT: Regina Dietl

PRODUCER: Linda Dědková

CINEMATOGRAPHY: Phillip Kaminiak

EDITION: Pol Ponsarnau

ART: Miren Oller

SOUND: Carlos Rufete

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Zla Films, Turkana Films

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Proyecto realizado con el apoyo del programa de ayudas a la creación y la movilidad del Ayuntamiento de Madrid